3D Xray (CBCT)

Dental technology has recently been improving at a fast pace, helping patients benefit from top-quality care. One of the most significant developments in dentistry is the 3D X-ray and CBCT technology. At North Alabama Smiles, keeping our patients' comfort and wellbeing in mind, we use 3D X-rays to provide accurate diagnosis and dental treatments.

What Is CBCT?

CBCT stands for dental cone-beam computed tomography. This unique 3D X-ray technology is used to produce three-dimensional (3D) images of the facial nerves and bone structure, allowing us to plan customized treatments. 

3D X-rays assist in creating treatment plans for dental implants, helping determine the size and placement of the implants. They are also used to detect and cure periodontal disease. 

Benefits of 3D X-Rays

  • Shorter Scan Time 

CBCT technology captures a complete, accurate scan of your entire mouth in a single rotation that takes only minutes to complete. 

  • Detailed Data

3D dental X-rays provide detailed data that helps dentists accurately diagnose and treat dental issues.

  • 3D Display

This technology has the unique ability to show images and characteristics in 3D, making it possible to magnify and use this detailed data in real time and on different devices.

  • Accuracy

The enhanced resolution of 3D imaging allows us to take accurate measurements and improves the precision of the diagnosis. 3D X-rays can be used to identify the exact point where a dental procedure is required. 

  • Bone Quality Assessment

The highly accurate and detailed data provided by 3D X-rays is essential in establishing if there is sufficient bone before dental implant placement.

  • Minimal Radiation Exposure

The technology that enables us to obtain 3D X-rays minimizes the patient's exposure to radiation. Prolonged exposure can cause problems, including eye damage and other malignancies.

  • Reduced Costs

This technology is less expensive as it is performed in our office and the results can be viewed instantly, saving you time and money.

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