Same Day Crowns

A tooth compromised by decay or damage can be immediately restored with the help of same-day crowns. Same-day crowns are typically made from dental-grade porcelain, which is color-matched to blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. They reinstate the aesthetics and function of your smile in only one dental visit. 

At North Alabama Smiles, our dentists in Arab, Alabama, use advanced computer software, a 3D digital scanning system, and an in-office milling unit to deliver same-day crowns and instantly restore your smile.

What Is the Technology Behind Same-Day Crowns?

The fabrication of same-day crowns involves using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technologies such as CEREC® to provide dental restorations in just one office visit. 

CAD/CAM technology improves your overall dental experience, reduces costs, and provides the best results.

The Treatment Process for Same-Day Crowns

If you are a suitable candidate for same-day crowns, our dentists will first prepare your tooth by removing any damaged tissue as well as a tiny amount of enamel to create space for the crown. 

After preparing your tooth, we will capture 3D images of your teeth and, using specialized software, we will create a virtual model of your crown based on the measurements of your oral cavity as well as the shade of your natural teeth. 

Once the overall design is complete, an in-office milling unit will create your crown from a porcelain slab. This process usually takes about one hour. 

When your crown is ready, our dentists will check to ensure it fits comfortably and does not affect your bite. Then, the crown is cemented in place and polished as a finishing touch. 

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

With the latest developments in same-day technology, dental providers can deliver more efficient and comfortable care. 

Same-day crowns offer the following benefits:

  • Natural Look

Porcelain imitates the shine and translucency of a natural tooth’s enamel and therefore provides very realistic results. 

  • Immediate Results

Same-day crowns restore your oral function and your smile’s esthetic in a single dental appointment.

  • Reduced Treatment Costs

Same-day crowns eliminate the need for temporary restorations and multiple office visits, saving you time and money.

  • Increased Precision

Digital technology ensures more precise and accurate results.

  • Enhanced Comfort

With 3D imaging, you can avoid untidy traditional impressions and a prolonged treatment process.

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