Implant Fixed Dentures in Arab, AL

If you are looking to completely renovate your smile, perhaps implanting fixed dentures is the right solution for you. Implant fixed dentures are permanent dental devices that are anchored to dental implants. The treatment is cost-effective and ideal for those who have lost multiple teeth and want a fixed solution. The implant fixed dentures are suitable even for patients who do not have sufficient jawbone mass. They use multiple implants fixed in strategic locations in the jawbone to provide support to the dentures.

What Are Implant Fixed Dentures?

Implant fixed dentures are dentures that are permanently anchored to strategically placed implants on the jaw or upper arch. Unlike conventional fixed complete arch dental implant techniques that require at least six to ten implants and a long healing time, implant-fixed dentures are anchored on fewer implants that are placed at an angle. 

This slanting of the implants also reduces the need for bone grafting, being placed at points of the jawbone that have better bone quality. Slanting the implants also helps us avoid functional structures such as sinuses and nerves.

Who Would Need Implant Fixed Dentures?

A patient can undertake this process for the following reasons:

  • Has loose dentures that adversely impact their quality of life
  • Has severe gum disease and tooth loss
  • Has suffered jawbone loss due to tooth loss
  • Has failing restorations along with loose teeth that need extraction

What Is the Procedure for Implant Fixed Dentures?

Our dentists will first perform a comprehensive analysis of your teeth and gums during an exam to determine your suitability for this treatment. Following this exam, we will take a CT scan and X-rays to prepare a treatment plan. We use advanced equipment to ensure highly accurate and safe implant placement. We will then take an impression of your mouth along with various measurements. This data will then be sent to the lab to be the basis for creating your artificial teeth.

When it is time for the implant placement, we will numb your gums using local anesthesia. Typically, we will then insert four tiny implants under your gum line. These implants will act as anchors to which the new teeth are attached. Once they are firmly placed, we will attach your dentures to them. 

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