Removable Partial Dentures in Arab, AL

Removable partial dentures are ideal for those patients with a few missing teeth. These appliances help make it easier to speak better, chew food, and support cheeks and lips to avoid facial sagging.

In general, it is more sensible to preserve the natural teeth for as long as possible. Removable partial dentures are used when a few adjacent teeth need replacement. This treatment can help minimize your tooth extractions if your teeth are free of decay and structural damage.

What Are Removable Partial Dentures?

Removable partial dentures are most often recommended for patients who have a row of teeth missing on the upper or lower arch of the mouth. They consist of prosthetic teeth that are mounted on a gum-colored, acrylic plastic base. Removable dentures are a preferred option since they are low maintenance and are easily removable from the mouth. In addition to correcting a smile, partials also prevent the movement of neighboring teeth.

What Is the Procedure For Placing Removable Partial Dentures?

As a preliminary step, the patient's natural teeth must be restored to a healthy state before constructing a partial denture that fits properly and is stable. The partial dentures cannot be fixed to teeth in danger of being lost due to decay or oral infection. Therefore, it must be determined that the patient's remaining teeth that will act as anchor teeth for the removable partial denture must be as healthy as possible. In case of any decayed teeth, our dentists at North Alabama Smiles may recommend that the same be removed. 

After ensuring the health of your anchoring teeth, impressions of your oral cavity are taken to prepare the removable partial denture. The lab then manufactures the customized dentures, and the shade of the prosthetic teeth is color-matched with that of the patient's existing teeth. 

Once the dentures are ready, you can try them out and tell us if any spots feel rough or need to be adjusted. The patient may take a few weeks to get adjusted to wearing the removable partial dentures. If any adjustments are required, they can be carried out in the following weeks of the initial delivery. All this while, you will be instructed on how to take care of the partial denture at home, like the dentures should be removed before going to bed and kept in a cleansing liquid.

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