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Endodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that specifically deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the dental pulp and the tissues adjoining the tooth roots. The term endodontics comes from Greek and means “the inside of a tooth”. 

An endodontist is a medical professional who focuses on treating the soft pulp tissues inside a patient's teeth and helps preserve the dental pulp. Endodontists also extract the pulp when necessary (such as in case of infection). 

What Is the Purpose of Endodontic Treatments?

The primary aim of endodontic treatment includes:

  • Sterilizing an infected and inflamed root canal
  • Removing the diseased pulp
  • Cleansing the root canal system
  • Reshaping the root canals
  • Filling the root canal system to prevent infection and promote healing

What Procedures Do Endodontists Perform?

Endodontists perform root canal treatments and surgeries. They also place dental implants and treat traumatic dental injuries. 

The work of an endodontist is to save a patient's natural tooth whenever possible. They continuously explore all treatment possibilities to ensure comfort and the best dental solutions for their patients.

When Should a Patient Consult an Endodontist?

Many dread the thought of consulting a dentist and prefer suffering through dental problems rather than asking for professional help. Only when the pain becomes unbearable do these patients decide to pursue treatment. 

You should consider consulting an endodontist as soon as you notice any problems if you want to save your tooth and get relief from pain and discomfort.

The following persons should schedule a visit with an endodontist:

  • Patients who have harmed their teeth in accidents or contact sports must visit the endodontist immediately. Chipped and/or fractured teeth are exposed to bacteria and plaque that can cause tooth decay and more intense pain.
  • Patients who notice that their teeth are extremely sensitive to cold or hot foods and beverages should consult an endodontist. The likely reason could be that their enamel has worn off, exposing the nerve endings of the teeth. This can result in teeth sensitivity and pain.
  • Patients should also visit an endodontist when they notice any swelling around their teeth, gums, or face. Swelling could be a symptom of infection. The specialist will clean and disinfect the area and provide treatment to prevent infection.

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