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Restorative dentistry includes procedures that preserve the dental structure, repair broken or damaged teeth, and replace impaired or missing teeth. At North Alabama Smiles, we provide a wide range of restorative dentistry treatments from minor repairs such as fillings or sealing cavities to more complex procedures like bridges and crowns, veneers, and dentures.

Who Needs Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry reinstates the patient's full use of their teeth and mouth and serves those in need of tooth replacement or tooth restorations. The restorative procedures are based on the patient’s needs and the severity of the damage to the dental structure. 

At North Alabama Smiles, our experienced dentists recommend treatment plans depending on the patient's oral condition and specific requirements. 

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental treatments and procedures ensure the following benefits:

  • They restore oral function
  • They help eliminate pain
  • They improve the patient’s appearance
  • They help prevent further dental issues
  • They preserve jawbone density

Restorative Dentistry Services at North Alabama Smiles

At North Alabama Smiles, our dedicated team offers the following restorative dental services: 

  • Crowns

When a tooth is damaged due to severe decay or a crack or fracture, it can be strengthened with a crown. The tooth's surface is reduced in a crown placement procedure, and the restoration is attached over the top. The crown looks and functions just like your natural tooth while the root remains in place.

  • Bridges

A dental bridge comprises one or several false teeth. The bridge is held in position by crowns placed over the existing teeth on either side or by dental implants. The bridge rests on the gum line but does not include a root.

  • Dentures

Dentures are a cost-effective replacement option for entire arches of missing teeth. Removable dentures can be fixed to the gums with adhesives while implant-supported dentures are held in position by dental implants placed in the jawbone.

  • Bonding

Bonding is used for repairing chipped, fractured, or broken teeth. The process includes reconstructing the missing portion of enamel by shaping and bonding composite materials to the natural tooth.

  • Veneers

Veneers help conceal broken, chipped, discolored, crooked, or misshapen teeth.  They are thin, transparent porcelain shells that are attached to the tooth surface to improve its appearance.

  • Fillings

This option is used to fill in the decayed portions of your teeth after cavity treatment and prevent the future development of cavities.

To learn more about the benefits of restorative dentistry and the specialized services we offer at North Alabama Smiles, visit us at 55 Golfview Dr NE #5467, Arab, AL 35016, or call (256) 586-8100.


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